Client Testimonials

"Kathi Olson is a brilliant designer and marketing consultant. She understands the power of the brand and how to communicate that to the world. Based on her previous experience in marketing and sales, coupled with her classy and elegant design style, Kathi is the total package. I interviewed a number of web designers in the bay area and Kathi was hands-down my top choice. I found that many were good designers but knew nothing about sales and marketing. You need both for a successful site. And you have just that in Kathi and her team."

Elaine Ferré, CEO, International Business Network Zurich, Switzerland

"Kathi Olson of White Picket Fence Creatives does a fabulous job with her web design. We initially interviewed several companies to select the right contractor. She interviewed well, and then designed a strong contract, which spelled out all work to be performed, and the associated costs. She set up a central place for all files and communication – Basecamp. She worked hard and tirelessly to gather the content for the site, and put her creative touch into the design. We liked and adopted many of her creative ideas. She thought “outside of the box” with her creativity while balancing our needs to have a fabulous website. She was often just a phone call away for any questions or concerns. If you’re looking for a diligent, creative, energetic partner on your team that puts out a quality product, give Kathi a call."

Michelle Reese, Gordon Reese Construction, Inc.

"Kathi is a gifted designer and more importantly, understands how to position a company correctly on their site in a way that accurately portrays their culture. She is much more than simply an artist. I’m having people stay on my site for over 1 ½ hours which is simply amazing to me. The second strength is her company’s ability to turn things around very quickly. I spent over ten years and many thousands of dollars trying to get a web site for my company that worked. This is the first time that I can truly say that I’m proud to have people visit it. The compliments I get from colleagues validate my own impressions of the site. If you take a look at the site in depth, you’ll find that it is not quite finished. The causes for it not being finalizes are 100% in my court."

Charles Moyer, Fat Margins

"Kathi has been a pleasure to work with in the development and execution of our new website. She is talented, extremely responsive, and very creative. I hold people that I hire to a very high standard, and Kathi has been exemplary in all aspects of the business relationship. She really CARES about a positive outcome for her clients, and it is reflected in her interaction and follow-through. Kathi is creative, she listens well, her aesthetic/design strengths are very strong, and so is her follow-through. "

Ron Rothenberg, Pacific Union International

"As an Online advertising and business development consultant managing over 300 clients, I have greatly valued Kathi's advice and product development work for our growing firm. For over two years now, we have benefited from the breadth of her skill sets, and she has been nothing less than instrumental in our success. When Kathi's on our projects, we learn AND earn. I've observed her compel the most opinionated taskmaster through solution, and assist many an emerging entrepreneur toward higher levels of achievement. Thank you Kathi for being such a thoughtful member of our team."

Ted Mortenson, NewMedics, Inc.

"Kathi is amazing and so is her work. She is such a pleasure to work with and always goes above and beyond. She takes pride in her work and it shows. She has has helped us with creating multiple websites, Facebook, Twitter, Marketing Campaigns, etc. Kathi, thank you for all your do for The Avid Home. We don't know what we'd do without you!

Lea Hoeke, Avid Home Theate

"Kathi is incredibly knowledgeable and very creative. She completely rebuilt my business website and facebook pages and taught me how to promote them. She is excellent with follow-up and responsive to my questions. I highly recommend her!"

Virginia Varni Ratto, Pacific Union International

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